Agrapak Sp. z o. o. operates on the the market associated with dairy production. It was established to search for and implement innovative solutions.
The company’s philosophy of broadly understood innovation is expressed in development of two reaserch projects, both focused on processing of bovine colostrum.
Our projects received funding in the Regional Operational Program-Lubuskie 2020; Priority axis 1 „Economy and innovation”; Action 1.1. „Reaserch and innovation”
We developed innovative technology in production of standarized preparation with high titre antibodies „Perfect colostrum” for calves
and three Colostrum dietetary supplements for humans.
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Our line of  milk replacers for farm animals, intended for their feeding from the colostrum period, after colostrum period and later, is constantly being developed.
Our products are manufactured according to our own proprietary recipes.
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